I Race Slot Cars | USA Edition 500 Slot Cars


Greetings Fellow Slot Car Enthusiasts,

I Race Slot Cars™ has packaged an exclusive Limited Edition HO 1/87 Scale Slot Car.

Each state will be individually numbered. Only the numbers 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08 and 09 will be used.

The vintage black slot car body is attached to a genuine vintage 1960’s NOS Aurora TJET chassis with a 12-16 Volt DC Motor and Brass Gears. The black front guide pin is attached to the slotcar. Also included loose in the package is a red rear guide pin.

A custom diecut package (with a nostalgic look) was made specifically for this vehicle. The proprietary package and I Race Slot Cars license plate was designed by Joe Bodnarchuk. Talented artist Bob Hardin was commissioned to create the USA illustration. The reverse of the package includes a checklist of all 50 states. In the lower right corner is a hand punched gold foil number (associated to the vehicle on the obverse) making this an instant collectors item.

This slotcar sits on a retro looking piece of foam under a clear blister which is attached to the display card.

Each vintage black body style has an I Race Slot Cars vinyl cut decal on the roof, white vinyl diecut numbers on both doors and a vinyl cut sign on the blister.

There will only be 10 of these labor intensive, hand packaged, superb quality bodies available for each state and a total of 500 produced. Each and every one of these I Race Slot Cars™ Limited Edition slot cars are GUARANTEED to be unique. Based on this fact it is quite possible that this contemporary slot car may one day attain the value of a vintage slot car. I am sure that you will agree that it most certainly has the look and feel of one.

There will be thirteen series produced. Each series will include 4 states. Series XIII will include the final 2 states.

IRaceSlotCars™ Series I - Week 01 IRaceSlotCars Indiana - Week 02 IRaceSlotCars Oklahoma - Week 03 IRaceSlotCars Missouri - Week 04 IRaceSlotCars Pennsylvania
IRaceSlotCars™ Series II - Week 05 Vote Now - Week 06 Vote Now - Week 07 Vote Now - Week 08 - Vote Now
IRaceSlotCars™ Series III - Week 09 TBA - Week 10 TBA - Week 11 TBA - Week 12 TBA
IRaceSlotCars™ Series IV - Week 13 TBA - Week 14 TBA - Week 15 TBA - Week 16 TBA
IRaceSlotCars™ Series V - Week 17 TBA - Week 18 TBA - Week 19 TBA - Week 20 TBA
IRaceSlotCars™ Series VI - Week 21 TBA - Week 22 TBA - Week 23 TBA - Week 24 TBA
IRaceSlotCars™ Series VII - Week 25 TBA - Week 26 TBA - Week 27 TBA - Week 28 TBA
IRaceSlotCars™ Series VIII - Week 29 TBA - Week 30 TBA - Week 31 TBA - Week 32 TBA
IRaceSlotCars™ Series IX - Week 35 TBA - Week 36 TBA - Week 37 TBA - Week 36 TBA
IRaceSlotCars™ Series X - Week 37 TBA - Week 38 TBA - Week 39 TBA - Week 40 TBA
IRaceSlotCars™ Series XI - Week 41 TBA - Week 42 TBA - Week 43 TBA - Week 44 TBA
IRaceSlotCars™ Series XII - Week 45 TBA - Week 46 TBA - Week 47 TBA - Week 48 TBA
IRaceSlotCars™ Series XIII - Week 49 TBA - Week 50 TBA

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To recap, we will have 10 uniquely numbered cars from 50 different states for a total of 500 uniquely numbered slot cars making any one of these an instant collector's item. If you like these, wait until you see what we have planned next! This is not a toy! This is a collectors item for ages 21 and up. Your purchase of this unique Collector’s Item just one way to support the I Race Slot Cars’s website and program. Your I Race Slot Cars Slot Car Premium will be shipped to you insured for FREE in a sturdy, crush-proof box. Act now and as a special THANK YOU gift, we will include an IRaceSlotCars.com stress reliever (a $6.00 value) and an I Race Slot Cars... every chance I get! bumpersticker (a $6.00 value) absolutely FREE.

Best regards,

Joe Bodnarchuk

IRaceSlotCars HO Slot Car
IRaceSlotCars HO Slot Car
IRaceSlotCars HO Slot Car
Front View
IRaceSlotCars HO Slot Car
Roof Decal
IRaceSlotCars HO Slot Car
Rear Decal
IRaceSlotCars HO Slot Car
Foam Red Guide Pin
IRaceSlotCars HO Slot Car
IRaceSlotCars HO Slot Car
Gold Foil Number
IRaceSlotCars HO Slot Car
Stress Reliever
IRaceSlotCars HO Slot Car
Stress Reliever